Group 9

Task 2

1. Leader :

Diana Fatma Raininta / 224110308

2. Members :

Mia Rahmah / 224110329

Nita Nurjanah / 224110313

Novi Arista / 224110321

Class : ZU-10



In the aviation world the priority is the safety of airlines that includes several aspects as supporting safety, one of which is a pilot as an aspect of human resources are fully responsible for the safety of all crew members and passengers. It is therefore extremely important for pilots to be licensed and standardization in accordance with applicable law, any professional other than that required to produce a safe and comfortable flight.

It is important for a pilot to observe the applicable provisions as set by the Director General of the circular under No. AV/Jh6D I DKUPPU / t.: 2 .. pe 1111/2011 which requires each pilot to fly the plane only allowed no more than 30 hours a week, 110 hours in a calendar month and no more than 1,050 hours in a calendar year.

It is a clause that is used as a support for aviation safety, but in reality there was found a few pilots who have violated flight hours as stipulated in the regulations. For pilots who violated, it will be penalized in the form of a certificate suspension for 1 to 6 months and / or revocation of the certificate. Second Sanctions filed by sanctions imprisonment of 2 years and a maximum fine of Rp 500,000,000.00.

In another case, one of the airlines that pilots have involved narcotics cases and could threaten the safety of passengers in flight to create an image of the pilot declined. It is making people think that traveling by planes become unsafe. For pilots who use drugs would face the law No. 35 of 2009 on narcotics and drugs, in addition to other penalties that the revocation of the license and certification work. That way the pilot is expected to be more self-introspection Indonesia in carrying out their duties and obligations.

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