Group 9

Task 3

1. Leader :

Diana Fatma Raininta / 224110308

2. Members :

Mia Rahmah / 224110329

Nita Nurjanah / 224110313

Novi Arista / 224110321

Class : ZU-10



In the third chapter in our writing assignment entitled “Negligent Pilot Passenger limp”, we will create a research method based on the theoretical basis that we have previously made.

The research method that we’ll use the descriptive qualitative method either online by creating a questionnaire instrument and spread to the wider community through several social networks, as well as offline by doing interviews with people directly to get the amount of data which is then processed into information.

To obtain these data we do by spreading a questionnaire via electronic media/social networks such as face book, twitter, blogs, and personal message. Another way to get the data is to conduct interviews in private to the respondent with a target sample of at least 30 respondents. Although in small quantities, but all respondents is the target that has the relativity of the problem to be studied.

In order for the optimal level of the respondents can be expressed well, the question that is spread more towards associative and deskiptif, so that all kinds of people’s aspirations can be customized and can be minimized level, therefore the variable data must be very varied. This is very important so that the target of the respondents was obtained in a short time.

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