Group 9

Task 4

1. Leader :

Diana Fatma Raininta / 224110308

2. Members :

Mia Rahmah / 224110329

Nita Nurjanah / 224110313

Novi Arista / 224110321

Class : ZU-10



After data collection efforts by using a closed interview on “Negligent Pilot, Passenger limp” using 21 questions presented online through, we get the data by 30 respondents, the data is transmitted via facebook, twitter, or personal message, so data can be obtained quickly and accurately.

Data obtained respondents:

  1. Gender: – 58.3% Respondents are male

                                   – 41.7% respondents are women

2.    Status: 16% of respondents to fill a student / student

3     Age: 12% Age range of respondents was 20-30 years

The data obtained from the respondents answer:

After doing this interview, there are many people who conclude that in the future, pilots in the country ready to accept the open sky policy to be implemented in 2015. This is quite surprising because 15% of the 30 respondents that there is enough to know about the performance of the existing pilot in Indonesia, besides the respondents also quite sensitive to the problems caused by the pilot flying during off hours. However, 87.5% of respondents agreed that fault accident or incident that occurs is not entirely caused by the pilot concerned. Although 95.8% support, if pilots do things that can threaten the safety of the flight, the pilot license must be revoked immediately.

In addition to these things, the respondents revealed that the level of aviation safety in Indonesia at a good value, but the need for small changes that can lead to significant changes in the world of aviation, both in regulation, giving sanction to the rogue pilot, as well as increased performance of the pilot so that the safety and aviation security can be implemented. If this is implemented, then the future of Indonesian pilot readiness level of competition and the demand for professionalism pilot can be applied perfectly.

Data from a survey conducted to obtain the responses of the population, it can be concluded that the public is sensitive to the growth and changes that occur in the world of aviation. People consider that the flight is in Indonesia scored well, and readiness of pilots to perform open sky policy is considered to be adequate. This response is a positive response to the aviation world, although activity has been good but the performance is still far from perfect operation, it is time for the aviation system in Indonesia to improve ourselves in terms of both internal and external.

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