Soekarno-Hatta Need KRL (Part 1)


Leader: Hutomo Edo P. M (224110026)

Members: Satya Pandu  Wahidiat (224110202)

Muhammad Ropih (224110008)

Riezaldy Gees I. (22411020 8)

Class : S1 MTU A

Today, air transport is growing rapidly, it is proved to the type of aircraft are increasingly diverse and increasingly crowded flight schedules. Coupled with the existing regulations to make the flight more secure and comfortable. As a result, the number of passenger transportation continues to increase.

As an international airport, Soekarno Hatta has handled 52 million passengers this year, of course, is not that big figure amounts. As the airport where traded his place of transportation modes of ground transportation to air transportation must be well integrated. But all of it will be worth it when its intermodal ground inadequate. Thus the need for a significant increase in land transportation gateway to support the sustainability of Indonesia into the international community.

Appropriate mode of transportation for all the support that is KRL (Power Rail Train) is actually a long-planned, but until now has not been realized. Thus the expected seriousness of the government to immediately merealisaksikan what has become a great plan that has long hung, because now is the land route to the airport Soekarno Hatta such as highways and arterial roads are no longer supported to accommodate the way users want to get to the airport or otherwise compounded annual flooding that closed the highway is the bottleneck of the road users.


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