Soekarno-Hatta Need KRL (Part 4)


Leader: Hutomo Edo P. M (224110026)

Members: Satya Pandu  Wahidiat (224110202)

Muhammad Ropih (224110008)

Riezaldy Gees I. (22411020 8)

Class : S1 MTU A


Part  IV


Continuing from the previous part of the “Soekarno-Hatta took KRL”, so far we have reached the stage where we analyze the results of the survey data that we have made a few weeks ago with the total collected last until the paper was written amounted to 38 respondents and we decided to eliminate eight other respondents so we process the data from the 30 respondents who scattered from some quarters or segmentation where the survey was distributed via social media networks.

The results of its analysis quesioner we explain in this section include:

Gender (men and women), we get the amount of correspondence as many as 30 people, 18 women and 12 men. Here we can see that the proportion of women more likely to use social media networks than men.

Then we classify the type of work again, here we are for the work among several other students, Employees, Self Employed / businessman, civil servant, Else and obtained the student as much as 17 people, employees 6 people, not self-employed, civil servants and other no Other many as 6 people. From this data we analyzed that students use social networks more dominant and expected fresh ideas to help build this nation, especially in DKI Jakarta.

Next we classify based on its latest education ie elementary, junior high, high school, D3, and S1 and dipatkan result of correspondence that no elementary education last, no SMP, SMA 14 people, 6 people D3, S1 5 people, other 5 people . From these data likely respondents with high school education level are continuing their education to the next level so that the assessment provided better quality.

Next go to the question relating to the title is lifted. The answers we provide are multiple choice between yes and no. We chose this to make it easier to draw conclusions and answer certainty.

The first question is, the benefits of electric trains to the airport or do you think otherwise?. almost all respondents said yes, only one respondent answered no. This proves that the jakarta already imagine how fast that access will be traveled by residents to get to the location of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport.

The second question, Are you going to use Towards KRL airport when it is finished later?. 28 people answered Yes and 2 No Answer. Of this question can be illustrated how quickness residents will jakarta KRL to Soekarno-Hatta Airport in order to support their mobility.

The third question, Have you ever used KRL?. carrying 24 people answered Yes that means never use and 6 people answered No. Many factors affect this, in addition to the limited availability of cars that make KRL passengers lazy to overcrowding or close distance and inflexible when using KRL having to stop at the station.

The fourth question, Do you agree with the discourse of the government to build electric trains to the airport and vice versa?. 29 people agreed with the answer yes and another said no. It costs incurred infestations but not least considering the needs of the high mobility of citizens jakarta especially towards the airport this should be taken into consideration.

The fifth question, do you think the government’s Effective? .28 People answered yes and two others said no. Effectively it is not visible when the infrastructure has been completed and is in operation, but the government must have been studying the feasibility of the development.

The sixth question, is there any influence the operation of the electric train to the increased number of users Soekarno-Hatta? .25 People answered Yes and the answer is as many as five people. The majority of respondents optimistic about the government’s discourse when it is finished later that they dare to conclude the expected increase in passenger aircraft, even a loyal passenger land transport such as buses can switch to using aircraft.

The seventh question, do you think this plan will be realized? .21 Guy said yes and 9 people said no. Judging from the results on the percentage of residents jakarta optimism towards the realization of this development is high, but if on the average the previous questions above, here it is found that a decline in optimism towards development. Maybe they think the local government of Jakarta has failed to establish what should be built.

Eighth question, Is this plan could unravel congestion to Soekarno-Hatta? .22 People answered Yes and eight others answered No. Jakarta residents once again faced the question of the effectiveness of government efforts to develop the city’s. But we must be able to support what the government policy may be the classic problem of the city is resolved.

Ninth question, Can PT. KAI serve the request? .23 People answered yes and seven said no. Jakarta people apparently still hesitant to PT. KAI on its readiness to fulfill the request. Maybe people still see many shortcomings in the body PT. KAI particularly in terms of service and inadequate modes of transports.

The tenth question, Already it appropriate KRL meet market demand for transportation to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport? .20 People answered yes and 10 answered No. This question is actually almost identical to the previous question. Just to make sure and it turns out the survey stated that people still doubt the readiness PT. KAI in building and serving the journey.


The results of the above survey is not 100% correct, the margin of error we give 10%


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