The Cause of Delay In The Flight


(224110051) Yusnita Desmawari Putri
(224110212) Natasya Octora
Grade: S1 MTU A– 2010

Research Methods”
In our third article, we will conductre search method based on the title of our paper is “TheCause of Delay In The Flight“. To obtain data about the title, we use the descriptive research method.
In collecting the data, we use the internet is to do an online survey and literature review. Here’s the link we use to conduct online surveys and magazines and “TRANSPORT Magazine” as our literature in collecting data.
The survey we are doing by asking questions about the factors in a delay of the flight.
Target respondents of the online survey is approximately 35 people who we think enough for us to analyze our writing.
Similarly,the research method we can write.


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