Nama Anggota        :

Hernanda Hannanto           224111270  (Ketua Kelompok)

Randy Aditama                 224112203

Kun Dwi Sundari               224111195

Fiska Karina H                 224111213


Kelas S1 MTU D 2011

Berikut ini adalah hasil dari kerangka pemikiran kelompok kami×600/812/h8ti.png



Nama Anggota         : Hernanda Hannanto         224111270

Randy Aditama                    224112203

Kun Dwi Sundari                224111195

Fiska Karina H                     224111213

1.1  Pendahuluan

Pada era globalisasi saat ini masyarakat membutuhkan sarana transportasi serba efektif dan efisien. Dalam dunia penerbangan ada kalanya  masyarakat memiliki kebutuhan yang berbeda seperti pax, bag, cargo dan mail. Oleh sebab itu kami sebagai insan transportasi ingin memberikan inovasi di bidang jasa pelayanan udara khususnya dalam bidang kargo.

Adapun fungsi transportasi adalah untuk mengangkut penumpang dan barang dari satu tempat ke tempat tujuan lain atau dari suatu wilayah ke wilayah lainnya. Kebutuhan akan angkutan penumpang tergantung fungsi yang dibutuhkan  semua orang dapat melakukan perjalanan untuk kebutuhan pribadi atau keperluan bisnis.

Angkutan barang (Cargo) sebagian besar adalah kebutuhan utama setiap penumpang. Kenyataan menunjukkan bahwa jasa angkut kargo penerbangan menjadi kebutuhan manusia sampai seterusnya.

Dalam tulisan ini kami menginovasikan pengiriman barang dengan DRIVE THRU AIRLINES CARGO DI BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA. Salah satu faktor yang membuat inovasi ini adalah untuk mempermudah pengirim dalam mengirim barangnya ke tempat tujuan.





KELOMPOK                         : 1

KELAS                                    : D3 MTU-GH 11

DOSEN                                  : EKO PROBO D WARPANI

NAMA                                  : HETRO HANDITRO                                         2431 11 003

RARA RESTI REGATA                                     2431 11 014

NELA RIZKY FEBRIYANTI                              2431 11 023


Bandar Udara merupakan suatu unsur terpenting dalam penerbangan, bandar udara juga mempengaruhi terlaksana atau tidaknya suatu penerbangan. Bandar udara merupakan tempat terlaksananya berbagai aktivitas opersional penerbangan, seperti :check-in, boarding, penanganan pelayanan terhadap pesawat dan lain-lain. Dalam melaksanakan operasional penerbangan tersebut terdapat suatu unit yang fokus dalam pelayanan opersional penerbangan, yaitu Ground Handling.  Ground Handling adalah satu unit yang menangani pelayanan Baca lebih lanjut

Build up Export in Gapura Angkasa English Version

Build up Export in Gapura Angkasa English Version


Kelompok 1

Ketua : Hetro Handitro (243111003)

Anggota : Rara Resti Regata (243111014)

Zahir (243111019)

Nela Rizky Febriyanti (243111023)

Kelas : DIII-Groundhandling’11

Dosen : Eko Probo D’Warpani (Basic Cargo)

English Version Part 1

Preface About Build up


Build up an advanced process of receipt of goods, namely on the Acceptance counter in the delivery of goods, and is one of the most important processes in the handling of goods. Handling or build-up of activity in the form of packing goods, arrangement of items, check booked, writing no ULD / cart, writing master item numbers and writing the number of items put into the cart as well as the overall number of items. Build up to do if the checker do or have build up plan, which aims to perform calculations and arrangement of goods. Then the data obtained from the Build-up will be received by the Document processes for processing and reported to the Load Control.


Build up a very important role in the handling of cargo directly in cargo / goods. If an error occurs in the process of build-up, it will affect the safety of aircraft and the balance will even hinder the flight departure, not only is it an error in the build up can also cause possible damage to the goods. Thus, in the build-up must be done carefully, and the build-up in accordance with the applicable procedures.


Our goal is to conduct research to examine whether the existing build up the field in accordance with IATA standards applicable or not, and to know what problems are an obstacle in the process, the problems often encountered, advantages and disadvantages of what is the build-up process.


With the build up of our study on this, we can find out what activities during the build up in the warehouse gate Aerospace export directly. We also learned about the build up, process and roles, problems occurred related to the build-up as well as anything related thereto.


We can make this research based on the source of our experience during college tennis at the build up in storage Angakasa export gate for 3 days.



English Version Part 2

The Theoretical Frame Work (Eng Sub Part 2)

Based on result of our experience at export warehouse of Gapura Angkasa, we got data from result of our interview with the supervisor in this warehouse, he is Mr. Sigit Budi Prabowo. Our result is :

Process of entering the goods to build up in export warehouse started from making a build up plan by airlines, build up plan sent using email to document processing. Then, it was given to the checker, because the steps interpendent, one with another. When the checker get a build up plan, the goods entered to storage area after scaling process and x-ray in acceptance. The checkers work appropriate with a build up plan.

In storage area, the goods was classified by a kind of goods, and by the airwaybill, and then scaling and packaging the goods.

The theory or basic of theory which used by the employee is GOM (Ground Operational Manual). The explanation is there in chapter 6.2 pages 13, it tell about cargo handling.

The explanation is :

–          ULD Procedure (ULD Tags, Loading Device and Accessories Provision of ULD, Countour of ULD, Circulation of Loading Material and Damage of ULD);

–          Pallet Loading (Loading Principles for Pallet Build Up, Contour of Pallet Load, Securing of Pallet Load and Pallet Stocks;

–          Container Loading (Loading Principles for Containers, Securing within Load Container;

–          Cabin Load (Cabin Load of Bulk Cargo.


The other theory telling about build up, we can get it in IATA (AHM) book. We still searching the data in this book.




English version part 3

Human Resource Condition at Gapura Angkasa Warehouse

Human resource is human labor or people who work in the environment of an organization. Here we discuss about the manpower or human resources related to the build-up process such as:

1. Number of employees

Part warehouse eksprot GA, hiring employees using consistent grouping, particularly section documents the process and build up. In a group of seven employees such as: 3 checker,  1 docpross, 1 GL (Group Leader) / assistant supervisior, one person on staff supervisior PDE (electronic data interchange).

2. Recruitment

Every employee who works, most still as outsourced employees except office supervisor. Inside of build up employs some checker. The checker is mostly once a porter. Porter selected to be a checker, because the porters are experienced in handling the work he does with checker, the checker indirectly and porters almost doing the same thing so when the porters appointed checker, they do not feel strange to work.

3. Development

Training is given to the checker and porter. Training aims to look at the abilities they have, especially the porters who have the ability to become a checker. In addition, the employees are also always get a briefing before doing their job briefing will make at night and early morning. At night, the briefing given to do the job in the morning, and in the morning till noon no brifieng due process were to continue the process that has been done in the morning.

4. Problems

Most of the employees still lack an understanding of the ability to use a computer. Most of them could use a computer because it used. It’s become one of problem in handling and delivery of goods, because the computer is one of the most important aspects of a supporting element of the gradual proficiency level. Another thing, the problem depends on the supervisior in react. Examples of such delay and its absence affecting the handling. But if it does not affect the supervisor considers it is not a problem.

Sources of data on human resources, we get when we study the second time in the export warehouse at PT Gapura Angkasa

English version Part 4

The Problems in The GA’s Export Warehouse

In this paper, we will discuss about the problems  in the Gapura’s export warehouse  in the process build up section. The problem will have a big impact on the flight.
Based on the research we do for our practice in the field, we think there are three element which make the source of problems that occur in the process build up, affecting the flight process, there is :

  1. system
    The system is one of the most important factors that can affect the smoothness of the build up process. But the system can also be a factor that could hinder the process of build-up. The problems that fall into the category of the system that is, system down, power failure, faulty PC and others.

It makes all the work that should be done by a system such as the manufacture of booking plan, manifest, etc., must be done manually. With the work manually it will take time to process. So it will have an impact on the handling of the aircraft / flight process.

  1. Human Error
    Human here means the employees involved in the process of build-up, from the checker, porters, clerks document processing until supervisor. So, human error is a problem that originated or made ​​by the employees concerned.

Examples of such problems is the lack of communication between employees, causing misunderstandings that affect the handling of goods, and other issues such as lack of knowledge possessed by employees. Knowledge of both the practice and procedure. It can make the employees made ​​mistakes in the process.

  1. Equipment
    Equipment is a contributing factor in the build-up process. Provider of equipment was sourced from Space Gate, airlines concerned and agencies working together. Each equipment has its own functions and related to the timeliness and safety.

In the airlines side which less attention to the equipment (container / pallet) will be difficult for the workers to work the process of build-up. So the condition of the equipment will affect the productivity of the work performed by the employee.

Delivery process will be smoother if enough equipment and support, this will be related to the timeliness and safety in flight. The  equipment such as: ULD, Scales, Net, Strap, etc.. The equipment associated with each other, so if one of them gets damaged it will interfere with the existing build up.



English version part 5

Conclusion and Tips for Build Up export in Gapura Angkasa


            Build Up constitutes one of primal process in cargo’s handle. Handle that is done as: packing is goods, goods settlement, goods checking, ULD’S number writing, master’s number writing and goods amount, and goods weighing.

build up’s process on export’s barn Space Arch employs many its employees with outsourcing’s state, but supervisor’s responsible position. Employees that was made as many job groups, where in one group consisting of 7 clerk are next at subdivide to correspond to its work type, which is: 3 person checker, 1 document processing, 1 person supervisor, 1 person GL (Leader’s group), and 1 person staff PDE.


On build up’s process there are some about problem. About problem aught which is:


– System (system down, electric dead, etc.)


– Human Error (miss communication, inexperienced, etc.)


– Equipment (damaged equipment, care, etc.)





Of about problem about problem which happens deep build up’s process of course it shall mark sense repair. Severally remedial that as:


1. System

On system, since thing as system down and electricity off can’t be predicted, therefore to prevent its abandon talks shop, staff shall can work work manually. So as that thing happening, staff was wonted with workmanship manually. In other words, workmanship manually wields system shall be counterbalanced. To handle electricity death, firm necessarily make ready electric reserve tool as preparation as while electricity dies.


2. Humman Error

According to us, to fix it with more the number of times training performing to its staffs good ala procedure and also praktik. Better employee shall hold book as guidance in working. That work that is done corresponds to aught regulation. Besides, training utilizes computer also indispensable staff because work a lot of utilize system. And firm has more think up its staff welfare that staff can work peacefully and results the better work.


3. Equipment

Since it is engaged Airlines, barns side eating have to be cooperative with every consideration with Airlines’s party. And for party Airlines may more haven’tice their equipment that is at barn. Since that equipment are utilized to handle cargo cargo that its handle utilizes their Airlines. Then is made ready too tool that utilize reserve electricity or nonlistrik even to replace off equipment because lamp death so not constrain handle process.


Activity In Acceptance Export Cargo


LEADER        :           Intan Hayati (2431.11.026)

Member          :

Abraham julius p  (2431.11.020)

Trounne vionadea (2431.11.027)

Dwika kurniawan  (2431.11.028)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani


Chapter 5


The activity of “acceptance” department not only receiving document from the agent but also issuing a document that is used to process the cargo until it is delivered. That kind of process of course need the involvement of many sides, example, ground cargo shipping company, agent, custom (cargo delivery), airline, and others. Those sides need to be coordinated in the works to export the cargo.

We conclude that the acceptance department was also a place for early inspection for the cargo and plays a big role in deciding the next phrase. Before further phrase, the officer need to check the document          ( BTB/Bukti timbang barang, shipper’s letter of issuing air waybill air consignment note, BUP/BUC check sheet,etc), checking whether the cargo is the same as listed in the document. Then do the weighting to decide the chargeable weight and fee for the cargo.  Cooperate with AVSEC officer for the Xray scanning,  If the cargo pass the xray scan it will be given a security check label for further processing.

Everything connected to the terms of air cargo transportation is being regulated in IATA which inside also included (TACT rules and rate and standard ground handling agreement (2008)). For that so every officer need to be responsible for everything that gonna be happen as what stated in the regulation. Those regulation absolutely has been an international agreement so as the Indonesian government apply it in Indonesia.


To keep the stability for a ground handling company, need to prepare a solution on a possible threat to come in order to increase efficiency. Below are some suggestions from our groub that must be considered to handle this matter consider of chapter 4 and our summary :

  1. Make the existing regulation more firm and bold (applying a penalty for the officer who did not obey the regulation)
  2. A stricter controlling against the officer , directly done by the supervisor or trusted person
  3. A nicer working layout and background (avoiding the probability of losing a document)
  4. Stricter selection of human resources in order to find more quality oriented officer.